Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in the city

It was our year to be in in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with John's family  for Christmas. The day after Christmas we took the train to the city. It only snowed 16 inches while we were there. No big deal at all.
 Here's my city day in pictures! No poetic reflections here just fun pictures of a grey snowy day in the windy and snowy city.

ready to go exploring!

we await the train..

My love and I

My husband and his parents


John dances outside the opera house

The Bean!

I'm where the flash is..

What a pretty winter picture!

Our kind of town

John at the veteran's memorial saluting as usual.

A cat puppet show!

um, yum!

I love cheese.

Buildings as far as the eye can see

This is what we came home to..

He's in his element de-snowing the car

What a fun day!


  1. Looks wonderful! Magical Christmas kind of stuff.
    It was good to see you, no matter the shortness of chaos that was in my home :-)
    Much love.
    Me :-)

  2. great pics! maybe someday I can go there....