Thursday, January 21, 2010

"In my next house" ....

This is something you will hear me say almost daily. I will see a design, an arrangement or a bit of inspiration that leaves me thinking, "ah! in my next house, I will have this.."
It's nice to dream.  Some of these things I can start doing now in my house and make them realities instead of a dream on my wish-list. I want to actually do more carrying out of the dreams this year but never will I do less dreaming. I encourage you to do the same.


In my next house..
I would like a wall melange of pictures on a wall somewhere in my house. I like pictures. I want more of them on  my walls. Faces, landscapes, art print reproductions, photos or just empty  frames
Kind of like these:


 In my next house ..
 I would like a room or space for crafts and "arting". I have a ton of art supplies and fabric swatches, ribbons etc that need a place of their own. Maybe I will make John give up his man-cave in the garage for me?? This is cheaper than buying a new house I suppose.

ahhhhh! Organization. It soothes me so

 I like this idea for my fabric remnants that need a place to be displayed

In my next house..
I would like a fireplace. John wants a woodburning stove. Maybe we will both get our wishes.


 I will burn flowers in ours, not flowers. Promise.

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