Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey, you wanna' come over and eat celery?

Do you??
Well, I making my body go through rehab. But first, detox.
A 7 day raw foods detox to be exact.
After returning from our glorious vacation my tummy was acting quite unhappy.
I have had a history of some dumb digestive weirdness in the past . Since I have a couple of other physical things going on I decided that a detox couldn't hurt. Get my system reset and ready to work!
My doctor once told me to switch to a gluten-free or a low- gluten diet. "Gluten free is not for me" that's my motto but I know I can do a low gluten diet...eventually.
It's just a matter of wanting to.
However, I am finding out that I can do a gluten- free diet because this week I am doing a 7 day raw food cleanse.
Oh man.
This is only day 2. My days start off well but about this time everyday I flip out and start craving:



California burritos from Santanas

lava cakes (multiple)

ice cream

macaroni and cheese

Sonic drinks

Cheese popcorn

Oh man. Seriously!?
That didn't help.

I really tried to talk myself out of this whole thing because we are going to a concert tonight and I really wanted to eat bad foods for me, our social life revolves around "good food" and I love to eat!
 But I am determined to stick with this and finish it even though I may be quite annoyed at eating like a rabbit. Because really, will there ever be a convenient time to start this?? And I need to be a better steward of this body God has given me even if it seems inconvenient.

I think I can maintain a very semi-raw diet after this detox.
Raw breakfasts, absolutely. The smoothies I am making are quite enticing :)
And I could do a few raw lunches a week.
I think this would really help me maintain but not feel completely sad about the lack of gyros in my life.
This is definitely causing me to get creative in ways I had never imagined. I am learning a lot about food combining too and that's super helpful. So see, it's not all awful. It just feels awful because it's day 2 and it's mid-day ..

I'll keep you posted about how it's going.
I hear after day 3 it gets easier.

Check out the detox HERE!
There are no catches and it's completely free and there are very helpful e mails and forums!

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