Thursday, June 24, 2010

Born to Party

I have always L O V E D planning parties. Especially when there is a purpose i.e,: baby shower, wedding shower, graduations, birthdays etc. I really enjoy it. I think I would do it for a living if I could (hmmm...).
I have thrown approximately 10 baby showers and probably around 5 bridal showers. I try to make every birthday for my husband something special.
I. Heart. Events!
I.Heart. Decorating! 
I absolutely heart it.

Since my partner in crime, Rebecca, and I are in the midst of planning our second shower together I am in event planning mode for sure. I am usually in charge of theme and decorations while Rebecca is in charge of the lovely designer foods she makes.

Our theme for this shower is all things girly and feminine. Tea Party style baby shower with fresh flowers, lace doilies, fine China and more. 

Did I mention already that I could do this for the rest of my life??

Today as I was looking around for some further inspiration for our dear heart, Joan's, shower, I stumbled across some GLORIOUS party planning blogs. They are out of my league for sure but WOW! something to be inspired by and reach towards. I don't even know where to start! So off for Tea Party inspiration I went ..

..and I got a bit side-tracked:

A mix between Snippet and Ink and Bella Grace Party Designs check this inspiration board out for a beautiful honey bee party. I like how she is going to use it for a 2nd birthday party (can you even imagine having the resources, time and money to get such a beautiful 2nd birthday party?! I would be lucky to get this for my 50th, I think!)

And this sweet adorable 3rd birthday party inspiration!
(I am partial to bee themes because my name is Greek for "Honey Bee"- betcha' didn't know that??)

Then this:
The Party Dress is an amazing site I found today that has the most exquisite themes. This makes me want to get married again, and have lots of rich friends throwing me a shower.

Woodland Fairy Birthday Party by Kate Landers Events

how cute would it be if each little girl at every party got one of these?:

And one more little girl party here

SLUMBER PARTTTY!!!. And those bags are filled with custom made pj's for each of the attending little girls. Gah!  I can't handle it. 


So anyway. I could post picture after picture of  lavish parties that I adore but I must stay focused on the task at hand. And place my dreams of a party planning business to the side. I am getting lots of excellent practice and am learning to do it on a budget. 

If you can think  of any names for a prospective party/shower business , send them my way. My creativity is focused elsewhere at the moment and I can't think of anything cute!

Oh, one more little picture. This would have been my jam when I was younger..


  1. just happen to fall upon your blog today. i'm a feen for party-plannning. Love all the yellow in the first couple inspiration pictures.