Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 for 1 Thursday

Lets get business out of the way.
Day 3 of the detox and I am in the "dislike" stage

Not a fan
And I weighed myself and I am heavier??
Confused about that one. Maybe it has nothing to do with it. Plus this is about being healthy not shedding water weight.

Either way..It's not my favorite thing I have ever done.
I may just be doing a 3 day jump start to diet overhaul.
That seems much more doable.

In some ways I feel like a quitter but in other ways I feel starving so...I'd rather be alive than be a winner.
Just being honest there.

But today I went home for lunch and made this "soup" they recommend.
Which I am sure, if anyones else made, would taste great. But I made it and so therefore I ate two bites and then gave up and ate a banana.

I am being a baby I am pretty sure. Everyone on the site and the forum says how WONDERFUL it is and how they feel so full and  look forward to their smoothies and recipes.
Not Missy.

I have no alternate plans to eat McDonald's or anything I just want something else.
I am bitter-ish at the moment...It's that mid-day hunger rage mania I get.

So this is the smoothie I made..looks healthy-ish

Yes and it was. But I had an issue with it's texture after it was all blended..

John was trying to force himself to eat/drink/choke this down.

So onto fun things

I went garage sale-ing this past weekend with my friend Rebecca and her joey, Ogden.
I found some fun things.
A vintagey old camera for 50 cents
some doilies for $1
Vintage wrapping paper $1
Vintage nesting tea tins 50 cents
A cabinet for the baby's room $8
Then we went to antique stores and she surprised me and got me a Honey Bee sign for my kitchen.
"It's bee-licious"
It's one of those vintage tin signs and it hold significance because my name actually means "honey bee".
She's a thoughtful friend like that. Not just presents, but presents with meaning and significance.She speaks my love language fluently.

I got some rad canisters for my kitchen. I am slightly obsessed with them.
They aren't Fiestaware but they are beautiful and mix well with the F-ware.

So I am excited about these things.I hope to  do some sort of project with this paper..maybe frame it..actually use it for presents..I don't know. I just really wanted it.

Anyway that's what I am NOT excited about today and what I am excited about today. 2 for the price of 1.


  1. Oh my goodness I am so excited about those fabulous finds!!! Those things look amazing!
    As you know I am going to try this detox as well and this post scares me...a lot!

  2. new background! How nice!

    Detoxing is NOT easy to do. It is always hard around the 3rd day. For me, I just start feeling sick and they tell me that is normal, thats the body ridding itself of stuff. But still. I want something else too!