Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Old Lady Experience..

An old woman...pardon me, an Elderly Lady yelled at me today for no reason and it made me very sad.
It was like my own grandmother was yelling at me. Just because she didn't like my response time and didn't care to hear about my rules as an employee. I helped her anyway and was as gracious as I could be while she cut me down with her remarks one at a time, complaining and belittling whilst she spewed negative words to me.

I didn't see her point in being so grouchy with me.
And she left me almost in tears.

 I probably in her eyes now don the title of "ill-mannered young person" or something.
I don't know why but when an elderly person stomps away from you
you can assume, they aren't very pleased with you.
(I give her credit for still being able to stomp)


I guess we all have bad days but geesh!

I hope I am not crotchety and mean [now] when I am older.
I really hope not.

Rather I hope to be an example of :

the wise, godly character that comes with age,
graciousness that is born out of years of practice,
patience that covers a multitude of blunders and
an air of godliness that stays long after I leave.

I don't want to be some young girls bad lady experience.

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  1. =( I'm sorry you had to deal with that today. Maybe she was having a bad day or got some really bad news and was taking it out on you. Of course, that's no excuse! You're a beautiful example of a Godly woman. Don't let her bring you down!