Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The whole family

(first a shout out to my dear dear friend Rebecca. She just gave me her Nikon D40 to use this week for whatever reason I wanted. Sweet. I mean, she has a baby and I have birds and cats. It doesn't seem right that I am the one dominating the camera. So thanks to Bec for letting me FINALLY take some good quality pictures! I am a picture taking FOOL this week!)

So check this sweetness out:

.just. babies.

.mommy and babies.

.mommy's BFF, mommy and babies.

.mommy, daddy and babies.

Isn't he a handsome devil?
I did a bit of research about these common  yet cutie pie birds.
The female picks the mate. She tries to find the reddest one she can find.
He looks pretty red to me. Good job, Birdie.
Also, they both take a part in the feeding. He will feed her and she will feed the babies.
That's sweet. Very human-like. He's the main provider per se. She gets up during the night to feed them. Adorable.
Neither of them named their kids, I did.
There are 4.

There's a theme? Do you get it??

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