Friday, April 2, 2010

Yay for John!

I am taking a break from Fill in the Blank Friday due to Lauren's other plans for the day :)

So I was  kind of excited for the break because I wanted to brag on my cutie pie husband. I haven't done that in a while.  For the past 17 months, my husband has driven an hour away to have a 5 hour class on Monday nights.   For the past 17 months we have spent Mondays apart. He leaves at 4:30 and got home around 11:00 pm. Which made for long and boring Monday nights (until I started the Bible study!) This past Monday night was different, we got to celebrate!


 I cancelled my women's bible study, got fancy and accompanied my husband to his Celebration Dinner. 
This was a dinner honoring all of those in the Organizational Leadership program.
His main professor wrote and sang a song for them. It was very original and precious.
They had an ivy cutting ceremony which was sweet to watch. The ceremony represents both the students' tie to each other and the independence that comes with graduation. Very inspirational to watch.
It was like I was meeting another part of his family. They all had become very close spending 17 months of Monday nights together. Some older students and some younger students all sharing life together and encouraging each other to keep on going even during the grueling research project they had to do. 

Each of them had wonderful things to say about him:
"you have the sweetest husband in the world"
"he is so great'
"what a precious man you have"
"he really kept me going through this program"
"I will miss him so much"

YAY!  I love hearing others tell me these things.
Not because I suspect he is any different or bad when he is away from me but I like hearing others love my husband. It's a great thing.
He's lovable. If you don't love him, there's something wrong with you.
He's a people person,  something that he inherited from his dad for sure.

I am sure it will take him far.
Also, his wit and dashing looks won't hurt.
God's got great plans for this man.

So he graduates in a little over a month. He's done with class (hallelujah!) and now the process of job hunting starts. Eek! Prayers would be appreciated during this transition time!

Congratulations to my husband, the college graduate. I am so very proud of him!
(Pictures taken with my friend, Linda's, camera.. I dropped and broke mine the night hoo. Good excuse to get a bigger, better picture taker perhaps?)

What a sweet one.

There was cheesecake involved..that's reason #2 I was celebrating at this dinner

Cutting the ivy

Yay! He's done!

More pictures to come after commencement on May 22nd.
Hopefully taken with a swell new camera!

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