Thursday, April 22, 2010

They're Here!!

Oh man, I wish I had a super zoomer camera right now. I am really missing it. Especially now!

Birdie had her babies!
I went to look out the window on Monday and there were little fuzzy baby birds bobbing around and beaks open. Birdie was hopping around trying to keep them warm and adjusting them. I can't quite tell how many there are. I see one consistently. He's always popping his head up. I see little flutters but that's all.
Soon, they will be big, open-eyed birdies.

I have names for them but I don't know how many there are so...

Anyway. I am going to keep trying to get good shots of them and monitor their progress.
I always get worried that she isn't there with them all of the time but it can't be comfortable for her to be sitting on the edge of the nest. She's out looking for baby food, I suppose.

can you see the little head there??

Side note :My dad raised a bird that fell out of a nest. It was a starling, I think. We named him Clarence. My dad got up several times a night and fed him every hour for every day until we eventually took him to our lake property and let him go. It was one of the sweetest things we ever saw when he came back and landed on my dads head during lunch. He did that for a couple of times then finally never came back.

So sweet.

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