Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, Dang! I love a relaxing weekend

Preface: I broke my camera a week or so ago and I am about to spaz out not being able to take pictures of this BEAUTIFUL weather and season change. This has to be one of the most beautiful and bright springs ever. (Maybe this past winter was just more drab and depressing than usual??)

 We are looking for a new camera. This is a big decision and lots of money to spend so I am trying to take my time and not just emotionally buy one based off of the fact of my picture taking withdrawals.
(sidenote: my Nana (pretty awesome photographer, Lorraine Pacheco) is giving me her old school Pentax K1000. So I can learn to take pictures requiring skill!)

So, I stole pictures to illustrate my 
fresh aired,

So it started with a relaxing evening with my love on Friday. A night out to dinner and a movie (that we both slept through) at home. Thank you Bruce Willis and your Surrogates for lulling me to sleep.

Then Saturday I had the day to  myself since John went mushroom hunting with a friend.
I started the day by waking up sometime after 9, which is amazing for me. I usually wake up before my alarm during the week so the lazy morning was great! Then I took a country drive and went shopping by myself.
Starting with a stop at a local antique shop
I didn't get anything but I was searching for vintage Fiestaware and other various goodies.
I like these enamalish tea pots!

Then on to 
Starbucks to get a Banana Chocolate Vivano Smoothie.
Have you tried these!?! Oh man! I drank it in under 5 minutes. It was the best. But left me chilled to the bone as I entered Garden Ridge.
I am always overwhelmed when I go into a place like GR or Old Time Pottery. Overwhlemed at the cheapness of a garden gnome and overwhelmed by the pluthera of THINGS. I bought cheese popcorn, eucalyptus and poptpouri sachets.
I should have bought the gnomes.
After feeling a bit disorderly in my brain for the GR experience I went to one of my favorites
World Market.
Seriously? I can't go in this place and not love everything I see. It's not possible.
I was loving particularly these pieces of art. (I have an unhealthy love for stretched canvas and framed art..we need an art room someday where I can just put all of my random arts that are currently in the attic or the closet- both such fine places for art.)

I got some cute hanging crystal tea light things for our room and some jasmine green tea. It's my favorite.
also, I want one of these. It will suffice since Le Cruesets are just a large tadge out of my price range

Then I went next door to Target.
Oh, Target! you and I are meant to be.
I did a lot of damage.
But this is my excuse:

So I did some "therapy" here.
Have you seen their Libery of London line. Everything you could immagine has precious floral patterns on it.
Binkinis, dresses, purses, tea cups, boxer shorts, plates and bedding just to name a few.
I  L O V E floral prints.
I was particulary loving these things :

I  don't even like pink but I want to have a girl soon so I can implement this cutie pie bedding!
It could work for a boy too, right??

After too much spending (not on any of the above items) I got myself a bagel at St. Louis bread company..and an ice cream cone at McDonald's
and headed home to a lovely night of grocery shopping (which oddly, I love) and more relaxing.

Sunday morning was a beautifully spent at church.We sang an acoustic set that morning. 
It was a welcomed switch!
I made a new recipe for lunch that John picked out from the teacher lounge magazine
It was chicken and tarragon with new potatoes and leeks. 
Uh- mazing. That's what it was!

John and I did yard work ALL day, accompanied by blaring 70's music. It motivates us.
I left a rice pudding in the oven for 4 hours, no big deal. That was only 8 times longer than I should have left it in. That's what I get for multi-tasking.

We planted a yellow rose bush

and also planted my potted mini Christmas tree
that was almost dead. I hope it pulls through.

Dang, I love a relaxing weekend.

 We had no obligations or plans- this was nice.
We connected, my love and I. We team-worked the yard and got a lot accomplished together.
We took time to stop and smell the fresh cut grass, the new roses and actually had time to rest.
By far, my favorite weekend of the year so far!


  1. I love this! You'll have to let me know your antique shop spots! Beautiful! Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target's new line with all the florals and paisley!!! I love the paisley ones the most...paisley is my FAVORITE!!! I haven't bought any of it yet because I have no room...but, with my move in the near future I am thinking it might be time to splurge!!

  3. That sounds like the best weekend ever!!