Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another family comes to visit and other natural stuff..

the sweetest

In other news:

 Per the prompting of my Chiropractor (who is one of my favorite people in the world)
 I have been a bit more intense and cautious of what I am not only putting in my body but what I am putting ON my body.
I have this crazy liver issue right now. It's trying to detox and it's not working so well due to the weird medicines I have been on lately much to my DC's chagrin.  Anyway I learned my lesson because my legs are freaking out. And by freaking out I mean Petechiae. It's the dumbest thing in the world really but it's ugly and alarming if you don't know why it's happening.
This is what Mayo Clinic says about it:

Petechiae are pinpoint, round spots that appear on the skin as a result of bleeding under the skin. The bleeding causes the petechiae to appear red, brown or purple. Petechiae may look like a rash.

Usually the cause for it is an autoimmune disorder which means your body is attacking itself and that, in case you didn't know, is NOT awesome. I went to my nurse practitioner and she ran a ton of blood tests to rule out any diseases. Which that was good. No bad things appeared to be going on in my immune system and they symptoms even went away BUT they came back with a vengeance. And it. freaks. me. out. 
I am in process of letting things like the freaking out go
read about it here
but I thought it would be wise to get a second opinion.
I went to my beloved Chiro. I saw the "new guy" which was great but after 30 minutes of evaluating my organs and stuff he called in the big guns and the head of the practice, my favorite came in saying "oh, medicine, medicine, medicine.." and within seconds he identified that it was my liver.

Because of the other medicine I have been on, my already SUPER sensitive body is reacting like crazy. And my liver is working overtime to detoxify my system of these toxins.
Ever since I was little I have always had a majorly sensitive system. Skin, organs etc. They aren't defective just sensitive and meant for natural intake only. I try to ignore that a lot but I usually end up paying for it in some way.
So simple solution.
I am significantly increasing my Vitamin C intake and will probably start taking Milk Thistle to aid in the detox and repair of any liver issue I may have.

My Chiropractor is really the only physician I can see that sets my mind at ease and treats the cause not the symptoms I am having. And within a few short days after adjustment or a regimen of herbs and supplements, I feel better and am free of the anxiety that often comes with these weird maladies! Going to the "regular" doctor can usually freak me out more than anything because, like me, they are usually just guessing at what's going on but have a license to RX the situation. 

I have always been on the brink of being anti traditional medicine and more pro holistic and homeopathic medicine. 
But really..have you EVER tried talking with a majority of your friends and family about this?! Usually you get met with lots of skepticism because general medicine doctors have gotten this reputation as being gods, able to do and know everything that could possibly be wrong so it must be OK that they pump you full of medicine that can have some pretty heinous side effects or cause organ damage. Eek!. And there isn't usually a whole lot of support offered because it's not commonly accepted. 
I like to KNOW what's going into my body and why it works  and what it will be doing.
I am not super intensely anxious about this stuff but I am wanting to be informed and not so blindly believing that all of these unnatural substances are OK for me.
Not cool, dudes.

Anyway. Off of that rampage.
I ordered something from

 It's the skincare starter kit.
Unfortunately more natural things are more expensive. I don't get it, personally but that's the way the  vegan cookie crumbles. And it's NOT a conspiracy for money. Don't even go there.

We are going on vacation soon and per my friend the Chiropractor and my other friend Tiffany (look at her here), I was researching the chemicals in sunscreens (which I just started using in the last 2 years unfortunately). I found that the crap that is in most of these things are AWFUL for your organs, reproductive health and can cause some weird side effects with prolonged use.
Anyway. I am trying. One step at a time to change my chemical intake in every way.
I am not a radical so this may take some time so that it is maintainable and cost effective for us.
But little steps count, yes?

I use mineral makeup. I use natural soaps. I try to use natural cleaning solutions. And I gave up Aluminum and Paraben- filled deodorant a couple of years ago. I am anti antiperspirant. And I have indeed found one that doesn't make me smell like a dirty person. It's pretty fabulous really.

Little steps. The big step will be cutting out my refined sugars.
We will think of that after vacation..

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  1. I need to pick your brain! aren't all of these things a bit overwhelming? to try and figure everything out makes me kind wanna scream...
    I too want to cut out refined sugars...but omg I am totally addicted!