Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ham and cameras

So after I dropped my camera like an idiot about a month ago I was trying to figure out which one I wanted. Did I want to spend $500? No I did not.

I'm not a professional picture taker, I think they are called photographers, so I wasn't wanting something too snazzy. Also, I didn't want a cheap fuzzy camera that always was loading and ran out of battery.

I decided to get an in between model of the point and shoot and the SLR cameras.
 I think cameras are like status symbols sometimes and it's a bit silly. So I got what I needed and something that will be easy to tote around and will still take extra nice pics.
I got a Cannon Powershot SX200 IS. I don't even know what that means minus I liked that it had lots of optical zoom and excellent reviews and took HD video.

John likes the HDMI aspect. What's that even mean anyway? He says it will be nice for our new TV (side note: he gets the TV after months of me fighting against it. He is graduating, after all and this is a great accomplishment The man can have whatever he wants.)

Anyway. I saw that my camera shipped today. PRAISE THE LORD.
I have been missing lots of photo ops around the house. The cats are cuter than usual and Spring is beautiful. I need to take pictures!

So it may not seem super awesome and cutting edge to you but I am excited to get it :)

and this is one of the pictures they have on the website to show what awesome zoom power it has..because everyone wants to zoom in on ham, right?

It was the deal sealer for sure.

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