Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday and I can't think of an awesome title!

I was very excited by this week's blanks since last night I bought a new dress and shoes for John's graduation. Also we looked at neckties for half an hour. He was SUPER excited about this....(not).. (sidenote: why does graduation gear look like a judge's outfit?) What a crazy 3 1/2 years it has been but he's done an amazing job, has earned  this degree well and I am amazingly proud of him for his accomplishments! Also, thank you US Government for paying for it. It's a nice trade off. Strange but nice.  Send someone to war a couple of times and give them a free education. Sounds good enough, yes?

So... HAPPY GRADUATION, JOHN L. CULPEPPER,  you're the cutest and the smartest!

1.  One fashion trend I really regret is      jean jumpers and sandals with socks...I don't know if that was a trend or if that was just a combination and result of our private school rules and my need to wear Doc Martens   .

2.  The one thing that always completes any outfit is      pearl earrings or other  studs (like John Culpepper) .

3.  I would describe my personal style as       all over the place.  I love classic and simple and I adore a trendy thing here and there.  
I love bohemian styles too   .

4.  My fashion muse is       I love anything Nicole Ritchie wears     .

5.  If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be     I don't know. Do purses count? I love D&G bags, Balenciaga bags. I sure do love 
designer jeans though    .

6.  I would love to raid the wardrobe of     any of my college friends.  It was fun trading clothes then and I am sure it would be fun (and interesting) 
to do so now   .

7.  Today I am wearing     capri jeans and a peasant top and flip flops (with pearl earrings, of course) and a cat necklace    .

go HERE to play along 

Happy, Happy Weekend! 

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