Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diamonds in my trees

Have you ever heard what the ice does to the trees? 
It makes them noisy. It's like they are talking or singing in harmony. It's the coolest thing ever.
Yeah, yeah, it makes branches fall and roads slick but ice+sunshine= amazingness.
I was captivated by the prettiness of the "gross weather" and walked out into it yesterday and this morning.

Everything sparkles and shines...and talks!
And while the trees look heavy and sad, I am grateful for:

#5 cold, harsh winters that make everything sparkle, shine and talk

#6 seasons changing ( I wouldn't quite value spring without these harsh weeks of freezingness!)

#7 paw prints in the snow

#8 a furry companion that enjoys nature as much as I do

If you don't understand the #5,6,7,8 thing look here to get caught up :)

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