Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet dreams

I've been waking up thinking about breakfast food.
I go to sleep thinking of breakfast food.
I dream of it...always.
It's all that really sounds good right now.
Wednesday we had biscuits and gravy for dinner..

Last Saturday I dreamed of donut holes all night long.
And this week it has been cinnamon rolls.
{Side-note: the pregnancy dreams are out of control. Yes, I dream about breakfast food but I am usually scaling a mountain with my monster baby in tow or something to get to the land flowing with Biscuits and Gravy. And I  am truly more concerned with the food than the monster baby. }

So I forwent my nap today and committed to making cinnamon rolls for 4 hours.
The mixing, the rising, the kneading, the rising, the rolling, the rising, the baking the icing and FINALLY...


2 minutes of heaven in my mouth.
Worth. the. naplessness.

1 comment:

  1. yum!!! :D
    I always dream of foods too. Hmm..