Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All things baby

I'm having a baby.

(artwork by the gifted Lillian Valentine House, "brrrrrrs" means I am cold)

That's still sinking in.
I have been forgetting a little bit until either I get nudged in my uterus :) or someone says, "look at your belly!".
Then, I remember. Oh yeah! I'm totally pregnant right now.

How could I forget?! I waited for like a million years it felt like and now that I am pregnant, I forget?! I think I am just enjoying it. Not obsessing about it one way or another. Resting finally.

It's a good thing.

BUT the forgetting is slowly becoming a thing of the past because we are all a-buzz 'round here making some minor improvements to the house, buying a new(to us) car that will be safer and roomier for our babe. I have found some sale items that I just couldn't pass up on the clearance rack and remembered that I have a child I can buy for now (how exciting and dangerous)! And most exciting of all, we find out in 2 days what we are having. OH. MAN. The suspense!!!!

ALSOOOOO, I am ever reminded that I am pregnant because my body has started doing really weird things. I will spare the details (you're welcome) but I will give you a couple of key words: inflamed armpits.

SO yes, we are all things baby here.

Here are a couple of highlights:

I am researching the diapers I want.
There are lots of options but thankfully I have a few friends who have used them. It's not brave of me to do it. It's weird that people say that. It's just more economically sensible to us at the moment and worth it to me for sure for other reasons. It's the best option for us!

Check the cute patterns that are available!
If anything, it's like baby's first accessory. 

And I LOVE accessorizing!
cute and modern..

fancy pants!

 I love those cherries and the space ones. I am secretly(not anymore) obsessed with space. Boy or a girl, this kid will have a space diaper!

My baby stash is growing. There are a few bags full of onesises, boy and girl clothes, blankets, diapers cloth and disposables, a nursing pillow called My Brest Friend. :),
some vintage girl clothes someone gave me just in case and that's about it.
I am waiting to buy until a.) I know who I am buying for and b.) I need something. 
I have a feeling this baby will want for little!

BUT we bought this little knight in not so shining armour on a sweet silky horsey. 

And this sweet little pea coat. It's a boy coat but either way, it can be jazzed up. It was $4. How could I pass it up!?
A little man hat with boots and a handsome sweater
striped leggings, boots and a precious hat if it's a girl.
See? Either way it's a winner.

And last but not least-
The new ride.
It's older.
Needs some minor body work.
But my ever resourceful and sweet husband is wise and can get these things fixed super cheap.
Giving up a little mileage for the sake of safety and room is worth. it.
Also, if you saw the Mirage we used to have...well, no explanation needed. It was a great car, just not what I like to call "safe".

So, as you can see. We are becoming baby-minded around here and are enjoying every minute of it.
The financial details, eh, who cares. That will all work out.
God has always been faithful and our dreams are coming true His way in His time. 
That's the best part!
He provided John with an awesome new job that he starts this week. Score.

Oh, and look at this face..
Sweet, sweet baby.

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  1. SO exciting!!! I can't wait to know what you're having...and nice ride :)