Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I am celebrating this guy

It's his 27th birthday.
I've spent 8 of those birthdays with him.

He's the most forgiving person I know.
The most genuine.
The funniest.
The sweetest.
The smelliest.
The quirkiest.
The most supportive.
The most inspiring.
The most protective.
He adores me.

I adore him.

I couldn't have found a better match.
He is...
Someone who doesn't let me get away with my crap.
Someone who challenges me.
Someone who allows me to have my awful days but loves me the same afterwards.
Someone who doesn't claim perfection and certainly doesn't expect it from me.
(thank God!)

I'm so glad he was born.

So far today we have had a lovely homemade breakfast,


and he got extra cat attention

and the day is just beginning!

We are off to lunch and then a special surprise this weekend awaits him :)
Yay for my husband and yay for his birthday!

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