Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random, awkward thanks

On the lighter side of giving thanks this week..

#40 A good phone call

 I've noticed that in effort to connect with people on the phone that sometimes it can be a most disconnecting experience.  One person usually does most of the talking. Or you are both silent. OR you do a lot of talking over each other. Then it's just weird because you are like,
  "you go first"
"No, you go first"
"Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt, go ahead"
"Nope, you go first"
followed by both of you asking completely different questions at the same time.
Have you ever had a phone conversation where you got talked at and not talked with? Frustrating, yes. BUT it can make you oh-so-thankful for the times you have a "good" phone conversation with someone. Whether it's the doctor's office, a best friend or a wrong number, make sure you are doing as much listening as talking. 
It's fun to be the listener, I think. Takes the pressure off. Also, I'm just better at it.
But then, it also makes me have restored faith in phone communication when I have an "easy" and enjoyable phone call with someone.
Some people are just awkward on the phone. I definitely can be one of those people sometimes but I refuse to be like, "I'm awkward, I can't help it. I'm just better at texting" Nope. That's a cop-out for me.
I actually prefer talking on the phone. I'll risk the awkwardness and simultaneous question asking over a disconnected texting relationship. It's worth it.
If you find a friend or telemarketer or whoever that you enjoy talking with, appreciate them. If someone compliments you on your phone skills, consider it the highest of compliments!
Nothing like having a super, fast talker/ one way conversationalist on the phone to remind you to do your part on the horn next time...or to not answer next time they call. Of course, I'm never a conversation dominator and I never screen my phone calls...

#41 Chicago dogs

'nuff said.

Wonder why I am awkwardly giving thanks for random things?  Look HERE to find out why I am so thankful (sorry, there is no explanation for my awkwardness).

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