Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A very long post of love


I have had such a busy last week and a half.
Last week I went to my home state, Indiana, where I gladly reunited with some of my favorite Hoosiers.
Friends and family abounded and it was soooo good to be loved on the way I was while I was there.

 We had to do two seperate coffee dates to fit in all of the schedules. Oh, how I miss these loves. We REALLY have been through much together. Each time we get back together, it's like no time has passed. It's the best. We have our own way of communication. I don't have to explain things like "hey boss"or "lesbian bubble" (it's not as bad as it sounds!) to them, We speak each other's language fluently :o)

I love where I live now but there is just something missing a lot of times:
My family and my childhood friends.
People who know every detail of who you are and why you are like that and still love the crap out of you anyway, that's rare and it's a treasure.

I think living a bit further away helps me to REALLY value this in my loved ones.
You make the time count.
You love like crazy.

I saw my Father and my stepmom and brother and sisters down south.
(what am I doing with my fingers? Awkward.)

I like to play the game: "Who Got All of the Hispanic Genes?"
I usually win.

I visited my Nana who is feisty and cute.

I hope I am like that even when I'm older :)

I visited my Mom and Dad too.
Mom, Christi and I went crib shopping (and other shopping) for my sweet girl.
It was so fun!
We spent 30 minutes trying to rescue a duck who had a hurt foot in the parking lot of the Sam's Club parking lot where he and his wife were dodging trucks and cars.  I was sacrificing my pregnant self in front of F-450's to get them to stop for the ducks. You should have seen us calling every DNR number available hoping some wild animal rescue would pick up and help. Alas, no answer, no help. So we were the Superwomen of the day. With the aid of a fellow animal lover, we wrangled the husband and wife duck up and sent them into flight far away from the parking lot. 
We felt like we had done something great! I would have seriously been the saddest ever if they were stuck in that parking lot. I really would have cried and thought about it for the rest of my life.

We ate at fun restaurants.
Bravo! and Serenity Tea Room. LOVED both of those.
We celebrated birthdays and we had a huge family dinner.

Serenity was the best. I really enjoyed it.
Fresh desserts everyday, gourmet everything. Delish!

Best grilled cheese of my life. 
The only one that rivals is at The Fountain on Locust

pretty vintage plates everywhere!

Best tea I ever had..

It was great!

I'm so excited for my Bundle of  Sweet to get here and start these fun things with her.
I'm not by my family but we are creating our own little unit here and I am so excited about it!

My sweet grandparents are still very much in love

Me and Grandma Wilhite. She's feisty too!
(come to think of it all of my grandma's are super feisty!)

Mommy and Christi looking divine for high tea

Daddy and me :)

We celebrated mommy's birthday
(Yes, I still call my mommy "mommy")

I made it into a V for Vicki. I'm so creative!
The funny side of the table.. Mommy, Chris, Bubba (Aunt Patty) and Grandma

It was a great visit. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

In other news:
Things I am excited about
* carpeting and painting Miss Sassafrass' room

* getting the crib put together

* The Royal Wedding on Friday. I'm attending a Royal Wedding party- no big deal.

* The crazy amount of beautiful green that this monsoon of rain is causing. Seriously, nature has never been so green. The rain is good. (Most beg to differ!)

*Our town's one non-gross Chinese restaurant reopened last week and I have been there twice in 2 days. Yep. That's exciting.

* I get a pre-natal massage tomorrow. Hoping sleep will be a bit sweeter after that!

* Last but not least, I will be posting on my other blog SurrenderStory later today. It's a "real" look into my heart. It's heavier than Misinterpretations by far but it's something I am looking forward to getting back into.  Check it out later!

Now, go love on your family! Be thankful if they are near. If they are far, make a phone call or a visit soon to show the love and get loved on!

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  1. awh Grandma Wilhite looks so good! I miss her....well, all the family really