Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sweet room for a sweet baby

I picked out my baby bedding finally. 
4 months isn't feeling like an eternity at this point.
I feel like the last 5 months have gone too fast, really.

So I picked it out. Well, John made the executive decision really.
I liked too many different styles and so I asked him to narrow them down, one for each style genre ( I know, it sounds like I make it way too difficult..) and then I went back and forth over 3 styles for a while. Most of them were the shabby chic vintage look, which I already have in our bedroom.  

 I need a little help being decisive these days. My already indecisive attitude is on crack lately. Committing to design or decor is hard for me when I am not pregnant. I change my mind often.
 I like to call that being eclectic. It could just be I have issues. Who knows.

Anyway, I have a feeling our girl will be a bright sweetie of a girl.
"Some" say that bright bedding is the worst- it will cause the kid to be too excited at bedtime or nap-time and so you need light, pastel, muted and soothing colors (last time I checked it was dark at night...)
I have read in other books (like my child psychology books, thank you Dr. Grill) that bright is best.
I didn't even analyze it that much.
I just went with what I liked and John made the final decision.
And a good one it was.

I am excited to make her a little garden room. I don't have any set ideas but I'm sure I will get some inspiration once we start setting her crib up, painting the walls etc.
John was the one who was like, "hurry up and order her stuff so we can decorate already!"
That's cute. it is:
'Hope she likes it :)