Thursday, April 7, 2011

sixty to seventy

I just like this picture.. 

#60 a husband who listens and hugs often
#61 my early mornings with John and Lola-Jean
#62 hanging baskets of flowers
#63 "windows down" weather
#64 free baby stuff
#65 friends who call just to encourage and to listen
#66 fun childhood memories experienced through old pictures
#67 surprise baby showers
#68 long walks with friends
#69 laughing 'til my guts ache and my belly bounces
#70 trip anticipation!

As I have been journaling my thankfulness and gifts, I am more inspired and prompted to start blogging again at my other blog Surrender Story.
It's going to get a face-lift first and I am still writing and finding inspiration for things but if you want to follow along with my ongoing journey to surrendering fully in every area of life, please check it out once in a while! It's a place for me to process and work through some things but I hope that it will also be an encouragement to others too.
I will let you know when it's up and running again :)

Follow the list of the many gifts, small and large but all very significant, that God has blessed me with. 
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