Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking back and trying not to look ahead( too much)

Happy Wednesday! I am full of randomness today.
I thought I would just do a recap of my summer thus far.
I longed for it and waited for it to be here, as usual, but after a month of 110 degree heat I must say that I am ready for cooler weather and really I am thinking of fall on an hourly basis these days.
I am trying to really relish the remaining sunny days even though it's stifling hot outside.
So the best way to do this is to look at what wonderful, fun things have happened this summer.

I got a new camera:

I got my hair cut. 

My flowers were beautiful

John  graduated

We enjoyed a lovely vacation;

 we got tan.

 We spent alot of time outdoors

..with friends..


..and with family.

My sweet sister came for a visit.

I got my nose pierced. (that lasted 2 weeks..long story)

I celebrated friends and their upcoming arrivals..

..and helped out with two who had already made their appearance.

I tried to improve me and my husband's lives by choosing to eat differently,
eliminating sugar from my diet :



There is much of summer left. 
Bike riding,
My birthday...

It's good to remember the good about my days.
It inspires me to make the most of the days ahead and not wish my now away to the future.

Have a great today !



  1. Love this!!! Your hair is so cute! What is that on that pan??? Looks delicious! How do you like your new camera? I'm so ready for Autumn. I can't handle this heat!!!! Ugh! Happy day to you!

  2. thanks for the memories this summer! glad we were able to do lots of fun things...but I too am excited about the upcoming change of seasons!!!