Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home again, home again..

..jiggety jig.

So we took an impromtu trip to Indianapolis this past weekend.
My little brother, Johnny came home from Florida to get a new car.
So we had a wonderful weekend with family full of birthday fun and celebration
(Mine is the 13th, grandma's is the 15th Johnny's is the 27th and the family dog's is the 20th)
And the weather!! It was perfect out. I got to wear long-ish sleeves and had to put a sweatshirt on at one point.
Loved that!

We were greated by beautifuly puffy sunset clouds as we crossed over into Indiana

And then the party got started..
downtown shopping day with the sister

taking in the sights

loving my favorite city delacies

getting confused by fashion per usual..
and finding..

'sure do love the new color

a fun birthday dinner at Buca di Beppo

 fun with family

my first sugar in almost 5 weeks.
This was the best picture I could find. 
Obviously I was in rare form this day..so was my triple chin.

Johnny ditches the spoon and fork and goes for it

then home for more cake and presents!

and birthday cards filled with money!

Birthday fun with uncle David's glasses

and talking with my G's

the birthday pup sleeps through her 11th birthday party. She's getting old.
That's 77 in dog years.

Minus my older brother,Jeffrey and his family in California,  we celebrated.
It's rare that we are all together anymore so any opportunity I have to spend time 
with these loves, I do.

Yay for spur of the moment visits and birthday parties!


  1. I love how the grandparents have their arms hooked together! They are so cute!

  2. yay for family and parties!!! oh, and fiesta ware!