Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September means..

I don't have a list this year. I felt kind of vain about making one since I always find myself wanting things throughout the year anyway....and buying them.  
I like the surprise element of birthdays.
I think it's underrated. I don't like making huge plans or knowing every detail of what I am getting. I know it's kind of the day where a lot of people get exactly what they want  and maybe that is the point but I am going to try and take the pressure off of myself of coming up with a list of things I want for today but may not want in 2 weeks when the actual day is here. What's the fun in that?!
I think birthdays are sometimes letdowns because people do what's expected and lose the feeling, thought and affection behind the whole day.Or B. they already know every single detail of it already= buzz-kill.

My list looks a bit different this year. It's a list of birthday qualities I guess you could say. It's not long at all.
Oh, I want presents; but the thought is for sure what counts.
Not the gift.

First, I want to wake up and it actually FEEL like my birthday.
Last year was the first year I woke up and it didn't feel different.
You know, that birthday feeling?! I didn't have it last year.It was 
a severe bummer. We did lots of fun things and I got presents but I didn't have the feeling.
 I don't know how to get the feeling back but I am hoping it's different this year! I don't want to be that person who says, "it just feels like any other day, it's not important.  It's just part of growing up"

Pish Posh!

Then I want to spend time with my love
Lots of quality, romantic, special time of him whispering sweet nothings in my ear

Time with loved ones
Eating food.
GOOOOD food with calories in it!

or...maybe at a table looking more like this...

I want to indulge smartly
I am still sugar free..
for 2 more weeks.
Maybe a cheat is in order?
I do love boxed chocolate cake...
scratch the smartly part

I want to feel extra special
(this is part of the birthday feeling I mentioned above)

 The End!

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