Friday, September 24, 2010

Lists and thoughts to live by

I am forgoing the blanks for Fill in the Blank Friday today.

I'm going for something a bit meatier at the moment.
Look for the blanks again next week!

I want to be a counselor. I don't know when exactly I will get the official title or when the necessary coursework will ever be done (or started for that matter) but it's something that I read a lot about and try to glean as much as I can from professional counselors to use in my everyday relationships,random encounters and on myself too!  Hopefully one day soon I may get to rub elbows with these people.

I found a couple of things that were very helpful to me and wanted to pass them along, but if I post them all today, it will be completely random and disjointed, long post soooooo  I am going to start something. Who knows how long I will do it.  It's my blog, I call the shots so we will see :)

I am going to start Thriving post each week.
Wouldn't it be appropriate if it was on Thursday?
THriving THursday- get it!?
We will see. Maybe I'll be feisty and do it on Monday.
This week, it's Friday.
I like to keep you on your toes.

So instead of 7 blanks, today it's 10 thoughts stolen (as probably all of these Thriving posts will be) from another author.

I hope you are inspired, reminded and encouraged while reading these things.

10 Thoughts On Whole Living
by Terri Trespicio 
published in Whole Living Magazine October 2010

1. If you can successfully change one bad habit, YOU'RE LIKELY TO CHANGE ANOTHER

2. Don't assume you know what someone need you to do. ASK.


4. Sometimes all it takes to get through a tough time is a single, powerful word.

5. When you shine a light on a negative thought, IT LOSES ITS POWER.

6.While you can't shut out illness entirely, you can make your body a place where health thrives.

7. Do something that makes you sweat.

8. Embrace frayed edges worn pages and laugh lines. TRUE BEAUTY LIES IN IMPERFECTION.

9. Remind a loved one that she's NOT ALONE.

10. learning to LOVE requires as much openness as it does strength.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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