Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Update sans Amy Poehler

Sidenote: did you watch SNL!?!? Holy cow!  It was hilarious..Amy Poehler is the best :)
watch here
My favorite was Brox Beat minus the Katy Perry part..
check it

ANYWHO...I am fortunate enough to have a large handful of very good friends. Some I  have had since grade school, some since college, others are military friends and other newer additions i.e.:  my  Bible study group girls are amazing. UH-mazing. That's right. They got the misspelled word separation emphasis, that's how great they are.
Each are special and add amazing things to my life.
Perspective, encouragement, laughter, realness..
I love it all.

And while I am one that generally thinks that quality is to be valued over quantity I am blessed to have both at present
So let's get specific. Here are a couple of dear-hearts I've recently weekended with.

Last weekend I went with my friend Rebecca to downtown St. Louis to finish celebrating my birthday.
I'm glad she gets that I  like to keep the celebration going throughout the month.
We ate at the Fountain on Locust. Which is the swankiest old soda fountain that also has pretty gourmet stuff. yummmm

Then we went to a vintage trunk show at Eve's Apple. Which I only tried on a pair of vintage Dior sunglasses that took up most of my face. But it was fun to go and look!

Walking downtown and eating fun things, going for coffee (or in R's case, water) is always fun!

my friend Tricia came to visit this past weekend from north of Chicago
This is no small feat since she has two sets of twins under the age of 4.

But she was able to get away and we had. a. blast!!
walking in the sunshine
playing mad libs 'til our guts ached from laughing
eating some more
and talking, talking, talking
It was wonderful.
Few people get me like Trish does.

Aren't we a pair?

She shares my love for organization for shiz.

It great to be understood and share life with lovies like these.

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