Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

 Let's talk about something amazing that just happened called :
Praise Jesus, I love birthdays!
And what a marvelous one it was.
With an impromptu visit to see my family in Indy the week before and a week-long celebration of birthday mail, calls and presents and parties It was wonderful. John and I celebrated the day before in a very low-key way with 3 kinds of Gelato and many fun presents that were perfect. It included Fiestaware, an hour massage gift certificate just to name a couple. He did well. It was the most original birthday I have had yet.

I didn't work per the dr.'s orders on my birthday which was a blessing in disguise really.
I woke up early excited that it was THE DAY and relaxed...

then my dad called from Indy and asked if I had lunch plans.
An hour and half later this is what happened:

He lands in my town with roses in hand and takes me out for a yummy birthday lunch
My dad rocks.
I'm spoiled :)

Then, while enjoying my day to rest, I had a couple of visitors that brought babies and presents
Avery and her new friend Daphne were definitely a highlight.

complete with a birthday cake by Rebecca..

birthday cards out the wazzoo and more birthday flowers..

even more beautiful birthday flowers...
(Lola-Jean loves the purple ones..)

I got list upon list from my friends about the ways I am loved.
Some of the sweetest and encouraging words were spoken and written to me this day!

and in the days following I am eating my weight in cake.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yesterday I sported a cutie-pie headband courtesy of my friend Sarah, accessories by Joan.

And the presents! Holy moly, the presents!! This girl's love tank was overflowing!
Mugs, teas, coffees, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, Fiestaware!!, books, flowers, flowers, flowers, home decor, massages, spa gear, journals, confections, calls and cards, etc. I can't even remember everything!
Who knew!? 4 years ago when I moved here I was sure that it would be the dreariest, darkest, lonely place ever. 
 Au contraire! God sure has a way of showing me differently. He blesses me exceedingly and abundantly instead of giving me what I so often deserve. 
While I didn't wake up with that physical feeling I used to have when I was little, I went to bed feeling completely loved, treasured, pampered and celebrated.
 I'd much rather have that feeling.
 It was simply wonderful and quite humbling too.
No big to-do's, nothing formal or planned per se but an overflow of genuine friendships pouring into my day making it something to remember and cherish

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