Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Off of my fridge and onto my heart..

I have been thinking about Haiti more than usual this week..

John and I sponsor a boy  who attends the school at the Mission of Hope near Titanyen. He is always on our refrigerator and we have it set up to where his donation is taken out of our bank account at the same time every month.  So really, we aren't too incredibly active in our 'support'. 

Last night I was fidgeting with something on the fridge and our little guy's picture fell off.
And I was reminded that just as I lifted and put his sweet smiley picture back on my refrigerator I need to be lifting him up to Jesus on  a daily basis. That not only is my financial support needed but so are my prayers.
He wants to be a mechanic.
He wants to help his family.
He has dreams of becoming successful and beating the statistics.
He wants to be in the 2% of Haitians that graduate high school..

He has a birthday coming up soon. I am excited to send him something meaningful but I don't have any ideas. Do you?

Haiti is precious to my heart but since so much time has passed since my mission trip I find that my commitment to prayer and awareness is kind of tapering off.

I don't think it was by accident that little KC fell right off of the fridge and back into my heart last night.

{my little sister, Christianna, is holding one of the sweet, sweet children from Titanyan}

About Haiti:

*There are still 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. These children are left alone to fend for themselves on the streets.

*There are still over 17,000 children in our area that will never go to school. They have healthy minds but no money for school.

*There are still thousands that don't know the love, peace, forgiveness, and hope found in Jesus.

*1 out of 5 children will die before the age of five.
if that doesn't grab your heart, what will!?

Check out the Mission of Hope and see what they are doing! 

Since January 12, 2010 they have:

*Delivered over 6 million meals

*Treated over 4,000 patients 

*Provided rescue and medical teams

* handed out over 2,000 tents

Maybe you would want to sponsor a student there? Maybe join one of their teams? Or just donate what you can to their efforts..

If so go HERE!

I am thankful that God sends me gentle reminders like papers falling of my refrigerator.. my heart is reminded and my mission renewed.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

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  1. I've been praying about sponsoring a child. I think it would be a great thing to do with the boys.

    P.S. I forgot to tell you the other day that I love your new blog design!!! :)