Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Current Obsessions

Oh goodness. I've blogged before about how much I adore STUFF. Too much in fact. 

Currently I am obsessing over a couple of things that I want. Maybe blogging about it will chill me out.

Probably not.

Vegan Village Toms.
I want these.
They are always out of stock. Dang.
Probably because they are so dang cute (even though they are boy Toms..)

I also really love these

and these

and SUPER love these

I can't decide!
Spring is closer so this purchase is going to happen soon.
It's always a good time to buy Toms though.

"TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One."

You can't go wrong there- EVER.
In that case, maybe I should buy each of these??

NOW, if you know me, you know that usually I can identify any fragrance with one whiff. I am slightly, very in love with perfume. 

I am the girl who smells all of the shampoo bottles before buying one. I buy it not for it's healing power for my hair but whether or not it smells good.
Same with detergent, dish soap, body lotion, cat litter-yep, cat litter..
If it doesn't smell good, I don't get it.

I have probably 15-20 perfumes at home right now. I use maybe 4 of them on a regular basis. The others are just for special occasions and some are for certain seasons.
I was trying to explain this to my husband the other day. He understood! It was great. We are on the same page on fragrance selection according to the seasons now. How great is this!?
(Hey, it's the small things)

So currently, I am slightly obsessed with a new find I discovered 

It's a spring bouquet in my nose! 
This one- I hope someone gets inspired to gift me. I can never rationalize spending $60 on perfume for myself.
If someone else wants to..go ahead :)

I wear Ralph Lauren Blue in the spring and summer (which isn't being manufactured anymore-BOO)  and
Intimately Beckham in the winter right now. Both fabulous scents.

Do you have a favorite smell?

What is it!??

I J'adore perfume. I really do.


  1. I agree...I smell EVERYTHING!! I was just shopping this weekend for a little tray I could put in the bathroom that would display them all instead of them being piled in a basket!! I do believe it is the little things and I love to smell good...and be clean :). My favorite is Escada Moonlight. I am very allergic to flowers and therefore allergic to floral scented things...so, I have to be careful with selections. And, I know everyone is obbsessed with TOMS right now...but, I think they are strange looking...I know shoot me!!! But, I hope you buy all the pairs ;)

  2. I'm a cool water girl. Not to floral smelling, but girlie...i love it!

  3. i love cool water- it has a very distinct smell!

  4. Toms are weirdish looking but OH SO COMFY! also they give shoes to kids who don't have shoes so that's worth the weirshishness. :)

  5. I saw a pair in person at Starbucks and they were not as bad as I thought...and I do love the idea of giving shoes to kids who don't have any...esp when I have WAY too many...shoes are to me like perfume is to you!!