Friday, March 19, 2010

Fill me in!

 Today I am wearing     a spring green shirt with flowers all over it from F21 and a jean skirt complete with my teacher cardigan and cute jewelry and a pair of faithful flats.

2.  My favorite childhood food was   grandma Bowling's homemade maccaroni and cheese   and my favorite food  now is   grandma Bowling's homemade maccaroni and cheese .

3.  A day that I am too busy to      stop and smell the roses (or the plug in)    is a day that I am too busy.

4.  The last movie I saw was     Alice in Wonderland     and the next movie I want to see is  either   Twilight Eclipse with my 14 year old sister or Robin Hood with anyone    .

5.  My favorite smell is     patchouli or tea rose  because,      Patchouli reminds me of my Nana -she's a hippie at heart and tea rose because it reminds me of my grandma (the one who also makes amazing mac and cheese

6.  A weird little quirk I have is      I smell all of the clean laundry one piece at a time before I fold it. I love smells (I blog about this often) and I am just a smeller. It's what I do.

7.  When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm      a natural born leader. That's kind of weird to me since I spent most of my life following. It's sort of true, I suppose. Also they say I am an extrovert. Sort of true as well   .

Have a good weekend!

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