Thursday, March 18, 2010

Down with the sickness..

Oh gosh. I've been sick. Boo for that.
I have sinus issues. Always.
But this time they decided to go a bit overboard.
The infection got into my eye and caused a beautiful puffiness to occur.
Not to mention the awesome fluid that was leaking out of my eye.
I felt like a leper.
"Unclean, Unclean!!"
My husband jokingly called me Quasimodo for a few days.
I think even that was being kind.

Sooo- I am on the mend. After mega anti-biotics (which I am generally anti antibiotics but all the supplements and probiotics in the world were not helping), nose spray and eye drops and three days of laying on my couch, I can now open my eye. People's first response is no longer, "oh gosh, that's gross, what happened to your eye" . That's a plus. And I can taste again. I love food. I love tasting food. Not being able to taste it is just awful.

Be prepared to be grossed out. :)

{I guess I thought the cute smile would off-set the eye issue..}

{100% sexy}

{Anyway.. this is me today.}
Still not back to normal but way better than it was. {I need my mexi tan back!}

Of course, I have to wear my glasses which do an OK job of camouflaging the situation.

But since I am a vampire of sorts and my eyes are super sensitive, the beautiful spring sunshine is killing my retinas. I need some of those sweet big black glasses that go over your regular glasses. The kind grandma's wear. Because that wouldn't add to the weirdness of my appearance at all now would it?

Yay for health!


  1. oh my goodness. did you have to teach with your eye like that? kids are not very nice :(

  2. no i took 3 sick days.
    even when i went back they asked if i had been smoking weed...