Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I love about Spring

I love being outside. I love color. I am so ready for this blahness to be on it's way out. 

The good news- I've been seeing robins everywhere
The better news- I've seen daffodils trying to come up
The best news- Mr. Sun has graced my face more than once a week for a while now.

I love spring because of the newness is represents. Life.
Easter is my favorite time of year. It's all about my Jesus, and how he LIVES. He came to give his life and give others more abundant life.
How awesome is this?

I get flowers and a reminder of God's amazing sacrifice and gift of new life? Sweet!

He has made all things new.

Enjoy the newness!

Blooming Beauty

[we heart it]
[we heart it]

 Bare legs and toes in the grass
[we heart it]

Fresh Starts and Flowers


Easter Candy

New Beginnings

Mmm. I love weather above 50 degrees!

It's on it's way!


  1. Oh how I wish I could put my bare toes in the grass...blah for allergies! BUT I am so so so excited for spring...for ALL of the above reasons :)